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Apollo Games strengthens its position in Latvia with Joker.lv

Apollo Games strengthens its position in Latvia with Joker.lv

Another partner where you can play our games is the online casino Joker.lv in Latvia. With this partnership, we are strengthening our position in Latvia. Apollo Games operates in several markets in Europe, but also in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. We are gradually adding more regulated markets. Latvia is one of them. We currently offer 25 of our best games there, all GLI certified. Our top games include Bonus Joker II, Midnight Fruits 81, and Blood.

"After taking over the domestic markets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we are focusing on other regulated markets in Europe such as Latvia. That's why we are happy that we were able to launch our games at Joker.lv online casino. I believe they will be a great addition to their portfolio," said Roman Procházka, Apollo Games representative.

About Apollo Games

Apollo Games is a leading manufacturer of slot machines and online casino games. All games are certified and licensed in many countries, such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Poland, Serbia, Latvia, and Malta. There are more than 50 games available in 18 languages.

About Joker.lv

Joker LTD is a Latvian–Czech joint venture, which for several years was among the Top 3 in the gaming industry in Latvia and is among the Top 101 most valuable companies in Latvia. The company has operated in Latvia since 1995 and employs nearly 500 people. During its business operation for more than twenty years, Joker LTD has opened 50 gaming halls and sports bars in 29 towns and cities of Latvia.